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Through Partnership with Biomedical Services New Zealand Limited

On July 11th, 2022, BIOMEDICAL SERVICES NEW ZEALAND LIMITED (BSNZ) AND YMR (HOLDINGS) PTY LIMITED signed an agreement to extend to New Zealand the capital realisation service for medical equipment which has been highly successful and encountered unprecedented growth in Australia. This full-service solution provides a simple way for hospitals to maximise financial returns from medical equipment that is no longer required or has been replaced. This new added capability of BSNZ allows its clients to gain maximum value from their excess medical equipment through a managed service that includes an on-line auction platform (, positively impacting operational expenses, maximizing resources to improve patient care and optimizing clinical asset capital spend while also supporting environmental sustainability of dispositioned medical equipment.

YMR trading as is Australia’s leading e-commerce platform for surplus medical equipment and the main hub where all healthcare facilities sell a vast array of quality used products. which include public and private hospitals from around the country. YMR is 100% Australian owned and operated and the custom–created software, designed by our team of experts ensures that clients which includes both sellers and buyers sail through the easy-to-use website and straightforward auction buying/selling process. YMR is committed to continuous service improvements and ongoing software development to ensure that we deliver unsurpassed customer experiences and satisfaction.

Biomedical Services New Zealand is part of the not-for-profit Cabrini Technology Group which has grown to become an industry-leading medical equipment life-cycle company, inclusive of maintenance programmes, direct equipment sales, asset disposition and strategic equipment advisory. Chemtronics Biomedical Engineering which is also part of Cabrini Technology Group has been an early adopter of the platform and delivered material benefits for its Australian client base of over 400 hospitals. The BSNZ/YMR partnership to extend the service to New Zealand was logical and the combined efforts will see the same high-level outcomes and service that are being achieved today in Australia. is a one-stop-shop, connecting buyers and sellers to get market value for surplus medical equipment. Offered through BSNZ, we partner with hospitals, day surgeries and clinics to help sell used medical equipment through the auction software that reaches thousands of qualified domestic and international buyers every year.

Partnering with BSNZ frees up important financial resources that are currently locked up in unused equipment. BSNZ returns residual value which also has the advantage of reducing environmental harm by keeping equipment out of landfills. Whilst reducing environmental harm, BSNZ makes it possible for affordable medical assets to become available for resale to communities around the world.

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